Frequently asked questions

General questions

Do you offer custom orders?

No, we currently cannot accept any special requests.

What is an affiliate link?

Affiliate systems are based on the principle of brokerage commission. The referral is done through a link. Through the link with partner identification, the merchant recognizes by whom the customer was sent. The pure clicks on the advertising material (“Click”), the transmission of qualified customer contacts (“Lead”) or the sale (“Sale”) are commissioned. There are many possible combinations and variations. In contrast to the merchant (literally: trader; here also program provider or operator), who offers goods or services, the affiliate thus merely acts as an interface between merchants and potential customers. (Source: Wikipedia)

When an affiliate link is used here on the website, I receive a small “referral commission”. This commission is either tied to the purchase. For you as a visitor or buyer of one of these links, however, nothing changes – no additional fees are charged (neither on click nor on purchase)!


Where can I find my purchased files?

After the purchase you will be able to download the file immediately, and you will receive an e-mail to the address you have provided, where you will be able to download the files at any time.

What kind of files will I receive after the purchase?

At the moment, all items available in the shop are DIGITAL, which means you get the opportunity to get a PDF via a download. For some products ZIP files are also included.

The advantage of digital products: You can print them at home again and again and pay only once.

How can I edit the files?

If it is not explicitly stated in the product description, editing by you is neither intended nor possible. The files are all read-only.

Can I give away or sell digital products?

All products in our shop are for personal use only. It is not allowed to edit, share or sell the files. Please keep in mind that any sharing by you will be detrimental to our business.


My inserts do not have the correct size

Please check your order first and make sure you purchased the correct size. All inserts are cut to the correct size and are centered on one side.
Here are some reasons why it still prints at the wrong size:

Wrong scaling: sometimes the print settings are not scaled to 100% by default. All inserts must be printed at “100%” or “Actual Size” to be printed at the correct size. Depending on the printing program, the naming can be: “No scaling”, “Full size” or “Actual size”. If you don’t set this, your computer may try to scale the page and they will print at the wrong size.

Print from phone or browser: To make sure you get all the settings correct, we recommend saving the print file to your computer. Sometimes the print settings of phones and browsers are preset so that they cannot be changed. For this we recommend you to use the free Adobe Acrobat PDF reader.

My inserts are slightly offset on the back side

At this point we cannot help you directly, because the print settings of each printer are slightly different.

However, for most printers you can download a manual for your device on the Internet, where you should try to find the calibration settings of your printer.

Sometimes technology can get you frustrated, but don’t give up, you can do it!


What payment methods are accepted?

All 🙂

Depending on the country, payment methods differ, but we should have them all covered. Here are some examples:

For Germany: Credit / Debit Card, SEPA, PayPal, Sofort, GiroPay, Wire Transfer

For AT: Credit / Debit Card, SEPA, PayPal, Sofort, Wire Transfer

For USA: Credit / Debit Card, PayPal, Wire Transfer, Amazon Pay, ACH

Credit Cards we accept:

American Express

Where can I enter my discount code?

You can enter your discount code in your shopping cart during the checkout process,

Why do I have to provide my phone number?

You do not have to enter the correct phone number!

Unpleasant, we know that and apologize for it. Unfortunately, this cannot be switched off by the payment system for the time being. Feel free to enter a wrong number (example: 123456…) when you pay, because we won’t use this number anyway.

Thank you for your understanding.