Period Tracker


In this insert you can track all the information about your period and then keep track of your symptoms throughout the year.
The key below can be designed as you like, for example you can use different colors, doodle icons, or just use letters to track certain symptoms.

The box sizes vary depending on the size.

The inserts for TN or bound books like Hobonichi Weeks or Stalogy can easily be glued into your booklet or integrated into your booklets as usual.

A little hint for you: Trackers of this kind are usually not used for printing a complete booklet, because you surely want to use only 1-2 year trackers in your booklet, just integrate only single pages into your booklet (insert or glue).

Personal Wide
FC Compact
TN Standard
TN Pocket
TN Passport
Hobo Weeks
B6 Stalogy
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Category: Functional, Lists, Bound Planner, Ringplanners, Travelers Notebook
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The designs for the inserts differ minimally depending on the size, the preview images for the inserts show the ring inserts in personal ang TN in Standard


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  mm inch
Pocket 80 x 120  
Pocket Plus 90 x 127  
A6 105 x 148  
Personal 95 x 171  
FC Compact 108 x 171  
Mini HP 117 x 178  
Personal Wide 120 x 171  
B6  Stalogy 125 x 176  
A5 148 x 210  
Personal TN 95 x 171  
B6 Slim TN 110 x 175  
B6  TN 125 x 176  
Standard/Regular 110 x 210  
Moleskine Large 130 x 210  
Hobo Weeks 95 x 187